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Watch & Talk

Hosted by GRAMMY Award-winning Christian musician Rebecca St. James, Watch & Talk is an easy and exciting way to engage families in devotions that are fun, open-ended, and Bible-based. Each short film has a specific theme intended to drive insight and powerful change in viewers’ lives.


Volume 1
This series premiere includes five short parables to help your family grow in faith and live in the light of God’s grace. First, in “The Clock,” explore how Jesus leads with grace, but follows it with truth. Then, discuss a new twist on an all-time favorite parable in “Young Prodigal.” Next, take a lighthearted look at Easter egg hunts and acting like Jesus in “The Egg” and watch a modern version of the parable where the last are first and the first are last in “The Fair Employer.” Finally, in “The Two Debtors” from Luke 7, the one who has the larger debt forgiven loves the forgiver more.
Dove Approved: Family-approved for all ages.


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