Same Kind of Different as Me

0 comments Posted on October 1, 2017

Over 10 years ago, a New York Times bestseller introduced the world to an unlikely encounter between an upscale couple and a modern-day slave. Same Kind of Different as Me told the true story of art dealer Ron Hall, his wife Deborah, who was a woman with a dream, and Denver Moore, a homeless drifter.

Today, Ron Hall has remarried, following the passing of both his wife and Denver, and Same Kind of Different as Me has become a major motion picture.

SameKindOfDifferentBut ever since the story was first told, Ron Hall has received countless requests for help from homeless and those who care for them. Because of that, in May 2017, Ron began a ministry called Same Kind of Different as Me Foundation.

“Our vision is to be the call and fulfillment center for emergency needs for underfunded missions and agencies that provide needs for the homeless,” Ron says

Ron’s new wife, Beth, also serves with him in this ministry.

“God has equipped me with an open heart to embrace Debbie’s vision and Denver’s calling to love and help ‘God’s people,’” Beth shares. “This acceptance encourages me to carry Debbie’s torch for the homeless. I joyfully seek to assist those who are down and out. God fills me with gratitude and a willingness to serve. Through faithfulness and prayer, I believe He will guide and reveal to us ways to raise money for the foundation and further His Kingdom.”

One way Beth and Ron are raising money for the foundation is through a line of merchandise they designed and sell at Ron’s speaking events. But selling merchandise alone isn’t enough to financially support the shelters who depend on them.

“Our greatest challenge so far? Simply put . . . MONEY. It’s necessary to facilitate anything we want to accomplish,” Beth explains.

“It’s said that money is the root of all evil, but you have to have it to survive or do any good works,” Beth says. “I’ve learned that a foundation is a business, and it has its own expenses to pay to stay ‘afloat.’

“God is teaching us the needs are great and the workers and money are few,” she shares. “Trust in God, not necessarily those who profess Him.”

As Ron continues to walk through the open doors created by Same Kind of Different as Me, he hopes that when people read their story or see the movie, they will be called to action.

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