Seeking Jesus for Your Life

0 comments Posted on March 1, 2016

by Brian Houston

Jesus was the ultimate pioneer. He did what no one had ever done before or has done since: died for our sins and rose from the dead. He is the essence of what it means to live in your grace zone, to embrace what you’ve been given by God and extend it to the adventure of life you’re called to explore.

By definition, a pioneer is among the earliest explorers in any field of enterprise or progress. A pioneer stretches boundaries and extends horizons. A pioneer sings a song that is music to those lost in the wilderness behind him. A pioneer defies the odds again and again, repeatedly taking risks and bringing longevity and completion to his pursuits.

LiveLoveLeadIf you want to follow Jesus, to walk with him closely and experience the power of his love, then you must be a pioneer, a passionate leader in the exploration of the uncharted wilderness of your spacious life. Now you may not think of yourself as a leader, let alone a pioneer, based on the way our world and culture defines them. But if you follow Jesus, then you are a pioneering leader. You may not recognize the authority and resources you’ve been given, others may not recognize your leadership, but if you have the Holy Spirit living in you, then God has anointed you as a leader in his revolution to free every human being from the slavery of sin.

You don’t have to be elected to office or rule governments, amass real estate, or build huge businesses. You may not oversee companies or guide industries, you may not chair the board or command the team, but if you’re following Jesus Christ, then you are called to take a stand and to serve his kingdom. It is our mandate to exercise the talents and abilities that we have been given so that God’s kingdom will grow and other people’s lives will be changed.

We are each called to lead our lives in a way pleasing to God, in a manner that fulfills our divine potential, whether we’re called to hold earthly positions of authority or not. Whether you are the leader of a global company, the leader of a Bible study at church, or simply a leader in your home with your children—you are a pioneer in your present territory!

No matter where you find yourself in life right now, it’s not too late. Praise God, we have the opportunity in our lives today to believe God and to see new opportunities for growth, new possibilities for fulfilling our potential.

The big life we long to live can so often be hijacked by setbacks or stumbles, unexpected bumps in the road. But if we spend our time looking to or dwelling on the past, we may never meet the God appointment waiting for us in the future. Nothing is impossible for the One who has called you, sent you, and promises to do the journey with you.

—Excerpted from Live Love Lead

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