The Attack on Manhood

0 comments Posted on June 1, 2021

by Tim Clinton

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a vicious opponent of masculinity dancing around the cultural ring these days, taking relentless jabs and throwing serious punches at men and their God-given identities. Our country is locked in a slugfest where good and evil are pitted against each other and men are smack-dab in the middle. Instead of celebrating manhood, our opponent is set on idolizing and glorifying what isn’t manly at all while demonizing authentic masculinity.

Understand, this adversary hates masculinity and wants to redefine how God created us. If you embrace conservative principles, including traditional masculinity, those throwing these punches don’t merely disagree with you—they want to humiliate, embarrass, and shame you and knock you out of the fight.

Traditional Manhood in Danger
Traditional masculinity is their enemy and viewed as toxic. Below are just a few of the actual headlines I came across while writing this article:

  • “Conservative Speaker Says ‘Men Are Not Women,’ Is Attacked, Sprayed With Chemical”
  • “Traditional Masculinity Can Hurt Boys, Say New A.P.A. Guidelines”
  • “This Father’s Day, Men Are Experiencing a Crisis of Masculinity. The Solution? More Feminism.”
  • “Toxic Masculinity in Boys Is Fueling an Epidemic of Loneliness”
  • “It’s Time for Drag Kings to Detoxify Masculinity on TV”
  • “Terry Crews: ‘Masculinity Can Be a Cult’”
  • “Raise Boys as Feminists to Change ‘Culture of Sexism,’ Says Justin Trudeau”

Hundreds of headlines like these are pounding the world daily, and it’s starting to take a toll on our men, boys, and even women. Really, things have gotten so rough for traditional men that they are not merely on the ropes and on the verge of being knocked out; they’re on the verge of dying—their voices and influence eliminated, snuffed out, dead. This is precisely what the opposition wants and is targeting.

It’s Time to Fight Back
Men today can’t take much more berating, defamation, reproach, and insults, or we will end up with similar tragic results. We’ve got to start delivering our own counterpunches! “I’m not saying that men should go around spoiling for a fight,” wrote Gordon Dalbey, “but that we be prepared to respond when God reveals to us the fight that He has equipped us to win.”

And God has equipped men to win. There’s no reason for us to allow ourselves to be bullied. The world needs our masculinity, women need it, and our sons and daughters need it. A group of us guys were heading up to the Alaskan bush to do a little fishing and bonding in the wild. As we walked through the Anchorage airport, we saw a billboard of traditional masculine men dressed up in ballerina outfits.

To me, it was a deliberate effort to humiliate and make regular joes look like buffoons. Personally offended, I thought, “What in the world?” There we were in camo and boots, going on a fishing trip, and there’s this poster plastered on the wall that’s the polar opposite of everything Alaska represents to me when it comes to men.

It caught us completely off guard; it was like watching a clean family show that all of a sudden goes to a commercial of two guys kissing in a bed. You’re looking at your wife and kids asking, “What just happened here?” You feel betrayed and totally set up. You know what I’m talking about. It turns your stomach. This is what our opponent is doing, trying to cram its ungodly agenda down our throats one way or another.

It’s No Secret
It is no secret who our opponents are. They are those with the radical, liberal, progressive ideology and the enemy of all enemies that is behind it. Traditional masculinity is a threat to their system, so their goal is to silence and neuter the men who stand for traditional masculinity.

At first it was only a small percentage of society, but now their poisonous message has infiltrated mainstream life, affecting nearly everyone. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), a secular organization, “Traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful.” What?! An op-ed on the subject asserted, “Forcing men to behave in accordance with the worst stereotypes of manliness harms them—and it harms others.”

In other words, according to the APA, being manly is dangerous. Can you believe that? This is not some back-alley fringe organization promoting this. It’s the top psychological organization in America. And this is how the indoctrination starts. It’s happening in elementary school all the way through college.

“When enough individuals are out of touch with the masculine, a whole society is weakened…A crisis in masculinity is always a crisis in truth,” said Leanne Payne. This distorted view of masculinity is weakening our whole society. By the way, whenever the word stereotype is used when describing men, it is almost always in a disparaging manner about common-sense, healthy, traditional biological definitions and most definitely about biblical standards. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth!

All Out Media Assault
There has been an unprecedented misrepresentation of what true biblical manhood really looks like. There is a concerted effort to vilify Christianity and for our country to rid itself of our Judeo-Christian heritage, including the God-given roles of men. Check out this blatant statement from a HuffPost article: “The faster conservative religion is overwhelmingly seen as mean, crazy, violent, hateful, misogynistic and anti-science, the faster we as a society can move on.” Notice that it is their goal to “move on” from conservative religious values—in other words, the God of the Bible.

And to accomplish their goal, it’s imperative that they make others view conservative values, including traditional masculinity, through their lens, however distorted, regardless of facts or of reality—and regardless of truth. When a lie is repeated long enough and often enough, people eventually start believing it, no matter how ridiculous it is. Notice that “misogynistic” is how they want conservative masculinity to be seen. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a total mischaracterization.

An article in the Patriot Post, “Leftmedia’s Deliberate Mischaracterization of Christianity,” concluded that “the vast majority of MSM [mainstream media] reporters have committed themselves to the promotion of the ‘progressive’ cause. And in so doing, they have created simplistic and flawed caricatures of those they revile, like Christians.”

Sadly, that would include a flawed caricature of masculinity, including men in ballerina outfits looking pathetic. These caricatures have caused men to be the butt of jokes, shamed, made to look like buffoons, or painted as evil, insensitive, and sexist. All you have to do is turn on the television and watch the latest sitcoms and their commercials to confirm this. Instead of strong men such as those in Braveheart and The Patriot, traditional males today—fathers particularly—are more often than not portrayed as nitwits or chauvinistic. Their counterparts, however, are usually cool, quick-witted males who are heavily effeminate, not to mention often atheist with a sarcastic or condescending tone against those bigoted, mindless Christians and conservatives.

Vicious, progressives will stop at nothing to achieve their godless agenda. The good news is God’s men have never backed down from a fight. In fact, throughout biblical and secular history, they’ve been called upon again and again to rise up and take it back. In my book we look at some of them—guys such as David and his band of men, Nehemiah, Joseph, Josiah, Daniel, Samson, and Solomon, just to name a few, and of course Jesus. Until then we need to lay a foundation concerning this attack on men and masculinity.

This is an adapted excerpt from Take It Back: Reclaiming Biblical Manhood for the Sake of Marriage, Family, and Culture by Dr. Tim Clinton and Max Davis. Copyright ©2020 Published by Charisma House. Used by permission.

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