The Best Diet Secret Is Not Secret

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by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Most of us fight an ongoing battle in our minds about our body image. We wish our bodies would look a certain way, we’d like to maintain a certain weight, and none of us like ourselves when we are controlled by our cravings.

In order to win this war with our weight, we need to set our minds on our royal call, not on our cravings. Our diets need to be about our desire to honor our King, not about denying ourselves certain foods.

Our beloved Queen Esther is an excellent example for us to follow. Her desire to become queen was not about herself; it was for the purpose of glorifying her King and ultimately saving her people. She did not need to be the prettiest in the land to feel good about who she was. Esther was on a mission to win the king’s heart so she could save her people.

Can you imagine if our purpose for being our best was to show our King how much we love Him by taking care of His temple and to have enough energy to save the lost? What a legacy we would leave for the next generation.

Below are the best diet secrets ever shared because they are given to us by our Father in heaven according to His Word:

1. To Honor God
Most of us are likely to miss out on the power of the biblical word picture found in the above verse. Today temples have no real significance for most people in the community; but to God’s chosen people, the temple was the lifeblood of the civilization. It was the source of power, direction, and protection. It was the most beautifully designed, painstakingly immaculate, awe-inspiring fixture in the entire culture. It was functional, holy, and artistic, all in one. Why would God use this spectacular man-made creation as a symbol for our earthly body? Because both are His chosen place of dwelling. Let’s do this to honor the one who gave His very life for us. Let’s spend the next thirty days treasuring His temple—our bodies!

2. To Experience Good Health
Our God, our Daddy in heaven, tells us in His Word that above all things He wants our souls to prosper and He desires His daughters to experience good health. He loves us so much that He addresses us as “beloved.” Dream with me for a moment: what if all Christians took care of our bodies for the right reasons, the right way—through proper nutrition, exercise, and rest? The results would be amazing.

Imagine our pastors, evangelists, and missionaries having the health and energy to finish their ministries strong. Studies show that only one out of ten pastors will still be in the ministry by the time they reach sixty years of age—physical and emotional burnout being the major causes.Think about how much money would be saved on medical bills and health insurance and how much we would enjoy our golden years in life if we invest in our health now.Can you envision what God’s people could accomplish here on earth if the body of Christ had more energy and clear minds? We would have more involvement in all church ministries and our outreach programs and prayer teams. Even more, we could remember the sermons each Sunday if we started our morning with a nutritious meal and a good rest the night before.

When you think about it, Christians should be the healthiest, happiest people on earth! After all, we know where weÕre going. We have life’s instruction manual (the Bible), and we serve a God who has shown us, through His Word, how to take care of His temple—our bodies. But only if we take the necessary steps to be healthy will we be able to enjoy the abundance God promises.

Our bodies are the physical vessels that God uses while we’re here on earth; we need to take care of them in honor of Him. Jesus Himself borrowed an earthly body while He was here on earth, and He wants to use you to accomplish even greater things than He did!

3. To Gain Strength and Energy
If we were going to make this personal we would say to ourselves, “Happy will my home be when I act like a noblewoman and eat only to gain strength to care for my loved ones!” In order to gain this strength and energy, we must look at our goals. If we are exercising and eating healthy to bring glory to ourselves, we will run out of willpower. But if we are eating healthy to gain the strength to complete the royal call on our lives and to bring glory to our King, we will see victory like never before.

4. For an Eternal Prize
Here is where the rubber meets the road. Our God is asking us to train our minds and our bodies like an athlete. However, He is asking this for a divine purpose—He is requesting that His Princesses train for the eternal race. All the Olympic medals in the world won’t mean anything on the other side of eternity.

Rewards here on earth can’t change a life or get us into heaven. Now, I am not against running worldly races and winning the trophies of man if it is for God’s glory and not our own. For us, His daughters, our purpose to go into strict training is to win lives to Christ!

Adapted with permission from Fit for My King by Sheri Rose Shepherd, published by Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, 2010.


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