The Good News for Children

0 comments Posted on August 1, 2017

by Dandi Daley Mackall

For the first seven years of my career, I wrote for grown ups. Then I had kids and re-entered the wonderful world of children. I became fascinated with childlike faith as my kids and I talked about God and Jesus as freely as we talked about bunnies and ice cream.

I remember trying to teach my daughter Katy how to swim and somehow being drawn into a conversation about what Jesus looks like. Answers from fellow child swimmers were:

“He’s really old, like 23. But He never looks a day older every time you see him.”

“He looks like a baby in a manger.”

WowKaty ended the discussion with, “Jesus looks just like God, but with real fingers and toes.”

Last week I was baking cookies (and destroying our kitchen) with my granddaughters, six-year-old Cassie and eight-year-old Ellie.

Me: “It’s impossible to bake cookies without messing up a kitchen.”

Cassie: “God could. God can do anything.”

Ellie: “What would you do if Jesus walked into the kitchen right now?”

Me: “I would give him a giant hug. What would you do?”

Ellie: “I’d faint.”

It’s that straightforward, childlike mind-set that inspired Wow!. Linda MacKillop of Tyndale House listened to Pastor Matt Woodley’s sermon at the Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Illinois. She wondered if the concept—a simple gospel in four words—could apply to children. Tyndale House called me, and the Wow! book was born. Here are few excerpts from Wow!: The Good News in Four Words:

Wow (Creation, God’s world, God’s love)

And then God made people—a woman, a man.

For Adam and Eve were both part of God’s plan.

They lived in God’s Garden. That’s where life began. Wow!

Uh-oh (The Fall, our sin)

We have to say, “Uh-oh.” We’re in a bad place.

We can’t earn God’s favor or talk face-to-face.

We’re helpless and hopeless, in need of God’s grace. Wow! Uh-oh.

Yes (Jesus’ death and resurrection and believing in him)

But God had a wonderful, masterful plan:

“I’ll pay for their sin because only I can.

“I’ll save the whole world . . . by becoming a man.” Wow! Uh-oh. Yes!

Ahh (Saying yes leads to eternal life and peace)

No matter what happens, Christ lives in your heart.

Ahh . . . what a great gift that you get a fresh start!

Now no one and nothing can keep you apart. Wow! Uh-oh. Yes! Ahh.

Wow (As we grow in faith, we’ll tell others about Jesus)

The fruit of the Spirit that’s in you will grow.

Now love, joy, and patience are starting to show.

You walk with the Savior wherever you go. Wow! Uh-oh. Yes! Ahh. Wow!

What makes sense to children should make sense to us. We are, after all, our Father’s children.

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