The Heart Behind the Music; She Sings Volume 1

0 comments Posted on May 1, 2014

by Margaret Becker

When was the last time a collection of songs lifted you out of your present moment, invited you to take a deep breath, and then placed you back down again lighter? She Sings is a compilation of fresh takes on old favorites; mixed in with fresh new music that does just that. This is a fun, eclectic, beautiful body of work featuring well-known artists like Kim Hill, Margaret Becker, Ashley Cleveland, Melissa Greene of Avalon; as well as brilliant newcomers like Elle Holcomb, Paulette Wooten, Sarah Stephens and Sarah DeShields.

SheSingsCDShe Sings was conceived over a cup of coffee among good friends.  The intent was to create a hymns project that featured female artists, both recognized and emerging, whose artistry is both compelling and fresh. Formed out of a love of hymns, Hill, Becker and Wooten asked some of their favorite female artists to create a new hymn, or re-address an old favorite. Encouraging each artist to take full liberty in their presentation, each song represents the unique personalities of each performer. Acoustic guitars, upright bass, cello and luscious harmonies interweaving humor, grit and breathtaking stillness form a beautiful palette of music and emotion to equal an Americana infused sound. This is The Nashville Treehouse’s first project featuring a collection of hymns produced and recorded by an all-female lineup.  Plans are already in the making for Volume 2 featuring more award winning artists and newcomers.



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