The Human Story Is Tapestry in Motion

0 comments Posted on May 1, 2017

by Bobbie Houston

So, dear friend, what compels you? You may or may not see yourself as a trailblazer, but we all get to blaze (or shape) the trail for someone—for those we share life with or for those we encounter along the way. What leaves you no choice? What energizes you? What comforts you? What makes you rise above your weakness and seek what is beyond your own strength? I’m not alluding to perfection here. However, the conviction that all of humanity is homeward bound is powerful to live by.

My friend Margaret once told me, “You know…everyone goes to heaven…but sadly, not everyone gets to stay.”

StayThePathI will never forget those words: “Not everyone gets to stay.” They’re not exactly lightweight in the punch they carry, yet, if you ponder them in light of the Word of God, they’re true. All of humankind will one day stand before the Creator and God of the universe. Where and what that looks like is a mystery yet to be experienced, but the Bible makes abundantly clear that we will each give an account of our lives…with consequences that will follow. Hopefully beautiful consequences, where we will hear words like “Well done, good and faithful servant…Enter into the joy of your master” (Matt. 25:23 esv)—yet Christ did not hide the fact that there will also be those who are tragically turned away. Turned away not because God is mean or unkind, but because life is a journey toward an eternity that has two destinations.

The reason I choose to “stay the path” is because, unashamedly, I want to make it to heaven. I’m homesick for this eternal and celestial city that has captivated mankind’s imagination since the beginning of time. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, I recognize the great price He paid for my personal salvation, and I don’t want to make His sacrifice null and void by failing to lean into all He has done. And I choose to stay the path because I honestly angst at the thought of people being turned away—of people forfeiting their beautifully “prepared place” in heaven (see John 14) because they lost sight of the prize, got weary of it all, or failed to appropriate His divine enablement for the journey. I am aware that I have a part to play in His great salvation plan, as do you, dear friend.

This may sound intense, but our lives are not merely our own. We belong to a much greater eternal landscape that is in motion whether we fully understand it or not. I chose this path when I was fifteen, clueless of all it represented. All I knew was that Jesus was suddenly more real than life itself, and I wanted this God who had arrested my attention and heart. Forty-five years later, at age sixty, I still choose this path, because the conviction hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s more compelling than ever.

Excerpt from Stay the Path by Bobbie Houston

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