The Key to Quality Eduaction

0 comments Posted on September 1, 2017

by Dr. Kevin Leman

Education in general is getting a bad rap these days. Understandably so. But all the rhetoric about how schools are going down the tubes won’t change the course of education unless parents and educators join forces to become a solidified team in shaping quality schooling for today’s kids.

It’s time we change the conversation about education. School isn’t just about cramming information into a child’s head, making sure they can recall it so they test well, and getting A’s that look great on a report card and college transcript. It’s about mastering principles that carry into real-life applications. It includes identifying your child’s unique skills and interests that encourage her to want to give back to her world.

EducationALaCarteThe quality of education a child receives has everything to do with preparation for life

The quality of education a child receives has everything to do with preparation for life both inside and outside the classroom. As Dr. Bill Bennett, former secretary of education, says, “The essence of education is, in the words of one philosopher, the transmission of civilization—the imparting of ideals as well as knowledge, the cultivation of the ability to distinguish the true and good from their counterfeits, and the wisdom to prefer the former to the latter.” However, how much should parents count on teachers and schools to accomplish, and how much should be the role of the parent? And with a growing number of options for schooling, how can parents know what kind of education would be best for their unique child?

Every parent wants their child to be able to compete, and compete well, in a highly dog-eat-dog world that grows more global by the minute. So what does a quality education accomplish?

  • It builds a cache of information that, if used with discernment (which is both taught and caught), helps shape thinking that goes on to transform families and culture.
  • It prepares today’s youth to become healthy, well-balanced individuals in their relationships and all of life.
  • It grooms students to become contributing members of society, future leaders, and powerful difference makers in our world.

Why is getting a good education so important? Because schooling isn’t just about academic excellence; it’s about real-life mastery so your child is groomed for success.

Dr. Kevin Leman, Education A La Carte, Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, © 2017. Used by permission.

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