The Power of a Kingdom Woman’s Faith

7 comments Posted on August 1, 2013

by Dr. Tony Evans

A few years ago an interesting event occurred in South Carolina. I was scheduled to speak at a crusade at William-Brice Stadium, which is the football stadium of the University of South Carolina. The weather report had predicted rain. In fact, it had said there would be a storm.

More than 25,000 people had already gathered in the stadium and were waiting for the crusade to begin, when we saw the storm clouds forming. So we, the leaders and organizers of the crusade, wanted to pray that God would hold back the rain.

We went downstairs into a small room, gathered together, and began to pray. Of course, we prayed things like, “Dear God, please hold back the rain” and “If it’s Your will, God, could You hold back that rain?”

KingdomWomanYet in the midst of all of us praying, a petite woman named Linda came forward. Perhaps she had gotten frustrated with the prayers of the so-called professionals—the preachers and the leaders.

Whatever the case, Linda stood up and asked, “Do you mind if I pray?”

What else could we say but “Go ahead”?

Linda prayed, “Lord, Your name is at stake. We told these people that if they would come out tonight they would hear a word from God. We told them they would hear from You. Now, if they come and You let it rain, and You don’t control the weather, then You will look bad. We told them that You wanted to say something to them, and if You don’t keep back what You can control—the weather—someone could say Your name is no good.”

And then she threw in a line that caused us all to look at each other out of the corners of our eyes. “Therefore right now I ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the rain to stop for the sake of Your Name!”

With that, we opened our eyes. Eyebrows went up. All we could say and think was “Whoa. Did she really just pray that?”

Following the prayers, we all went up and sat on the platform. The sky had now become entirely black behind us. A guy who had been assigned to communicate directly with the weather bureau said, “The showers are coming. They are heavy thunderstorms, and they are coming right at us.”

It is now 7:00 pm and the music is beginning. It is time to start the crusade when massive thunder and lightning surrounded us. People began to stir in their seats. Some even started to get up and open their umbrellas.

Linda was on the stage with the rest of us. A quiet look of expectation covered her face.

Then something happened that I have only seen once in my entire life. The rain rushed toward the stadium like a wall of water. Yet, when it hit the stadium, it split. Half of the rain went on one side of the stadium. The other half went on the other side. Then it literally met on the other side of the stadium. All the while, Linda sat there with a confident look on her face. The rest of us, the preachers and leaders, just looked at each other. Then we looked at Linda. Linda looked straight ahead.

Now, this is not a story that someone told me. I was there. In fact, my family was there with me. Not only that, but 25,000 people were there with me too. And all of us saw a miracle that night right in front of our eyes.

I believe that God paid special attention to Linda’s prayer, because she had great faith.  She understood that His name represented His character and that God is passionate for His own reputation. Her petite frame held power, simply because she was intimately connected with and invested in God’s name.


  • 01/28/2014
    Etta said:

    Who is this Linda? Do she has a church? Where or how can I contact her?

  • 09/09/2017
    Laura said:

    I can’t find any other evidence or testimony of this alleged event. If there were 25,000 people there, wouldn’t there be more than just Mr Evan’s testimony of all this? There is literally nothing to be found online about this other than the story from the book by Tony Evans. How is that supposed to strengthen my faith? It simply makes it weaker. Lies regarding religion and miracles get bigger, and my faith diminishes more every day.

  • 10/22/2017
    James said:

    This message is for Laura. Laura to be honest the only reason I ended up here was to validate the same story. Don’t know if it was true but it was a cool story. I truly do pray you don’t let mans attempt at leading people to God or some cases other places drive you away from a genuine relationship with our Lord Jesus. God is awesome I could tell you TRUE story upon story. But as Philip simply said to Nathanael who expressed doubt in the book of John “Come and see for yourself”. Continue to seek God and He will show His hand, His power and His love and I can guarantee He will give you your own unbelievably amazing stories.

  • 03/18/2018
    Dayna said:

    I was not there, but at the time – not even really knowing who Tony Evans was, I saw an iphone recording of what happened posted online – I think it came up when I was on Facebook, but maybe a friend sent a Facebook message. It happened as they said and you could hear people’s amazed reactions – kind of a surge of sound – in the background as well as see the storm split. I came to this site after doing a websearch to see if the iphone record was still out there.

  • 01/09/2020
    REDFERN II said:

    It’s true! I was there.

  • 01/09/2020
    REDFERN II said:

    This is Linda’s Facebook page:

  • 10/06/2020
    Theresa said:

    Does anyone have live video of this event???? With 25,000 people it is strange that there is nothing uploaded. Especially in 2013 or a few years sooner there would have been the ability to get cell phone footage. Nobody took video???
    REDFERN II I love that you were there, but where is the proof? It isnt unreasonable to ask to back up the claim. This is a huge phenomenon I just wish there was more proof so we can confidently tell people about this event.


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