The Saga of Hagar

0 comments Posted on February 28, 2014

by Tony Evans

The story of Hagar has some real-life lessons for single parents. We first meet Hagar in Genesis 16, where she was the servant of Sarai, who along with her husband Abram (this was just before their names were changed) were unable to have children.

In the custom of their day, barren women in Sarai’s situation would bring in another woman who would bear the husband’s child and thus act as a surrogate. Hagar became a surrogate for Sarai.

When Hagar got pregnant, Sarai became jealous and drove Hagar out of the house. Pregnant and alone, with no Abram or any other male to support and protect her, she found herself wandering in the wilderness. Hagar was about to become a single parent because she got caught in someone else’s plan.

Help and Hope For Single ParentsBut then the Angel of the Lord (Jesus pre-incarnate) went out to the wilderness for the benefit of this single mother-to-be. In other words Jesus showed up. That was good news for Hagar.

If you are a single parent, that’s also good news for you. When you have been rejected, when the father or mother of your child is nowhere to be found, God knows the situation you are in and He knows where to find you. He loves and shows great compassion on you. When you hurt, He feels it. He knows your loneliness, stigma, and pain. After all, He experienced the fullness of all three on the cross.

When God showed up, He told Hagar to name her son Ishmael, which meant “God hears and God knows.”  Every time she would use that name, she would remember something about God. That’s the beauty of the grace of God for a single parent. Hagar is out on her own with no help, but God says, “I know.”

In verse 13 Hagar responded. Giving God the name El Roi, she declared, “You are a God who sees.”

Do you know that God sees you? The circumstances you are in? Out there in the desert all alone with no one to provide for, give you spiritual and emotional covering, and protection. He is not unaware of what you are going through. No matter what you are going through, God says, “I see. I hear. I know.”

The saga of Hagar does not end here. In Genesis 21 we see that Hagar, instructed by the Lord, has gone back to Sarah. By now Sarah has had Isaac, the son God had promised her and Abraham (their names had been changed by then also).

One day when Sarah saw Ishmael making fun of Isaac (v. 9) she said, “Not in my house you won’t!”  She had Abraham put them out. Hagar, along with her son, were homeless again and left to wander in the wilderness alone. Now, she was a bona fide single mother.

This is a classic single-parent scenario—one that, with a few changes of detail and geography, could easily be repeated today. Hagar lost her home, she had a teenage son to take care of, and she was on the streets, so to speak, with no money in her pockets. She was thirsty and probably hungry. She feared that her boy would die. In despair she sat down and cried.

Single parent, God has not gone blind. He sees, He hears, and He knows. You may be in a far from ideal situation, but you have an ideal God.

As He was with Hagar, so is He with you . . . the God who sees and knows and cares.

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