The Turning

0 comments Posted on May 1, 2014

by Davis Bunn

His new novel, The Turning, may bring exactly that for award winning author, Davis Bunn. With this new book, there are hopes of reaching a new audience for his Christian suspense fiction.

In The Turning, five people hear God asking them to do different, simple things. They obey, and see a pattern emerge that links the actions together, coalescing in a cultural movement toward moral renewal. But darker forces align against them, challenging the belief that they can really know and hear from God.

TheTurningA forty-lesson devotional and audio lessons airing on the Moody Radio Network have been produced to accompany the book and illustrate the theme in The Turning.

Says Davis, “It seems as though I’ve been preparing to write along these new lines all of my writing career. We’ve named this concept Devotional Fiction, and in this we intend to offer both a great story and an invitation for those readers who want to take the lessons further. The aim behind it all, story, radio lessons and study guide (offered free on is to help believers draw closer to God. The thrust here is what some call the forgotten virtue, one of the five tenets that defined the early Protestant movement, one almost lost to the church today: Listening to God.”

Learning the discipline of listening is creating a space in your life where God has the ability to communicate in the way that He chooses. In truth, what we are seeking is not words from God, but that God dwells more intensely in our walk, in our life, in our hour.  The goal of The Turning is to illustrate this discipline and the power it can have to change a world for Christ.

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