To Be a New Creation

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by Beth Moore

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. . . .And God saw that it was good.” (Gen. 1:1, 25)

God recorded His Word through the pens of inspired men chiefly for one reason—to tell us about Himself. In the first few sweeps of ink, He demonstrated something vastly important among His attributes: He is CREATIVE. Scarcely before the ink could dry in the first sentence, God revealed something else—He is ORDERLY.

Only God could combine wholly creative and completely orderly. Some of us are refreshingly creative, and others, thankfully, are orderly; but often we can hardly abide one another. If wisdom prevails, however, we eventually discover we need one another, or our different contributions are unbalanced and lacking.

WhispersofHopeGod, on the other hand, needed no one to complete Him. He created the heavens and the earth simply because He wanted to. Afterward, He looked on His perfect blend of creativity and orderliness and said, “This is good—very good in fact.” God still considers a blend of creativity and order an effective way of working with us. If you are His child, God is working in your life in both creative and orderly ways.

What God is doing in your life right now may not make sense to you, but it’s not because He’s nonsensical. It’s because He’s creative. God wants us to surrender to His will, but we tend to want a blueprint of His plans so we can decide whether or not to surrender. In John 21:21, after Christ gave Peter a glimpse of his future, Peter asked a question splitting at the seams with human nature: “Lord, what about him?” Like us, Peter derived a strange sense of security from sameness. As you search for your calling, do you attempt to find someone He is using in exactly the same way? Stop! Of the seven billion people on this planet, that person may not exist—because God is creative.

Some can easily relate to the variety in God’s plan. We thrive on creativity. Sameness bores us, but we still need the dependable security God offers. Creativity by itself creates only chaos. Our perfectly balanced God is also orderly. He has a day-by-day plan for your life. That’s why it’s so important to meet with Him—you guessed it—day by day.

Had you been a spectator during only the first three days of creation, you might not have judged it as good. What good are seed-bearing plants with no sun for photosynthesis? In His wisdom God knew the work was good because He knew what was coming next. He knows what’s coming next for you. That’s why He can judge His work in you as good. Give God room to be completely creative. Meet with Him daily as He unfolds the plan in perfect order.

He’s really good at what He does.

Take a few moments to think of reasons to praise our creative and orderly God.

Then lift those praises to Him in an attitude of thanksgiving.

Excerpted from Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore. Copyright 2013 B&H Publishing Group


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