Trading Fear for Adventure

2 comments Posted on August 1, 2014

by Kimberly Wright

As of today, I am 16,039 days old. Do you know how many of those days I wasted in fear and self-doubt? I can tell you exactly. Too many. Before I decided to trade fear for adventure, I knew Jesus said in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full,” but those words just reminded me that I was not living life to the full.

After experiencing two tragedies in my childhood, my prayer life for the next 25 or more years consisted of two things. The first was asking God to forgive me over and over for the same transgressions, and the second was begging him to keep me and my loved ones safe. I would not dream of asking God to use me for his glory. What if he actually said yes?

Many people hear the word adventure and think of skydiving or something with the potential to cause bodily harm. Some may think of an elaborate vacation as an adventure. I have always defined adventure as doing something without having definite knowledge of the end result. It could have a glorious outcome or be an outright disaster. The adventure is in the unknown.

BelievingOutLoudI can tell you as a person intimately familiar with fear, I despised the unknown. I wanted guarantees and positive certainty. However, those things do not build our faith. God uses the unknown to not only strengthen our faith, but to draw us closer to him. It was not until I learned to embrace adventure with God did I finally start experiencing a full life.

God has a calling on each of our lives. It looks differently for each one of us, but without doubt, he does have an assignment for us. God’s assignments are our adventures, sometimes big and many times small. But our obedience to his calling will take us on an adventure.

Answering his calling is not comfortable. It is not easy and sometimes it isn’t even fun. In fact, often times it reveals how messy life can truly be. But embracing the adventure God has for us always gives us an incredible testimony to share. We will have a great story that brings God great glory.

Several years ago, a friend emailed me a black and white photo of women on a Himalayan ride at an amusement park. They appeared to be in their sixties and were dressed in beautiful dresses and hats from the 1950’s era.

The ladies in the front seat of the ride are laughing so hard you can almost hear it. They are fighting to keep their dresses from flying up over their heads with one hand, while the other hand is tightly gripping the hat on their heads. It is a hysterical sight.

I love this picture because, to me, it is the perfect depiction of crawling in the front seat with God and allowing him to take us on a great adventure. These ladies crawled off of that ride with their dresses windblown and their hair a complete mess. But I know they felt alive with emotion. And they had an exhilarating, energizing and funny story to share after their adventurous ride.

Such is an adventure with God. When we answer his calling, we may walk away with our hair a mess and our clothes askew, we may even have lost our hats. We may have cried or laughed, or even both at the same time. But we will have been alive with emotion and will have lived life to the full.

God is calling you, and he does have a plan for your life. He wants to take you on many great adventures. However, he does allow you to choose. You can crawl in the front seat or say no altogether. But only one of those choices brings him glory. Only one gives you a great story to share.

I hope your stories are exhilarating, mind-blowing, miraculous and full of great adventure. I hope they bring God great glory.

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  • 08/27/2014
    Lynda Floyd said:

    Your book enlighted me to realize how much fear we do carry in our life, Fear that we may not even realize we carry. Blessed by the book.

  • 09/13/2019
    Kathy T Boxx said:

    Wonderful article, Kimberly! I can totally relate to living a life of adventure with God in our ‘front seats’. You are a very gifted writer!


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