Uncommon Courage

0 comments Posted on October 1, 2017

by Carey Scott

Fear is a big deal. It doesn’t just manifest in those we consider weak and lacking in faith. It is something even the bravest of us struggle with. And it has the power to not only tangle us in knots and inform every decision we make but be something we unknowingly pass right on down to our kids and even transfer to others we do life with. Fear is a virus that spreads, and so often it’s what keeps us from choosing the uncommon way.

We read stories of courageous acts in the face of danger and are inspired by their bravery. We know women who have battled through cancer and never given up hope. Or families who’ve suddenly lost a loved one and chosen joy over despair. We’ve all seen uncommon courage unfold in front of our eyes. We know what it looks like to be brave. But for many of us, it’s not something we’re able to muster for ourselves.

Un-CommonPlease don’t give up. Don’t give in to fear and live in hope­lessness. The part of the world God has called you to influence needs to see faith in action . . . because it’s contagious. I know life is big. And yes, it’s hard. But you can do hard things. And where your courage ends, God’s is there to strengthen you through His endless courage.

Sometimes we are afraid of not being liked. We’re afraid to say yes to an opportunity because we don’t feel worthy of it or are afraid we’ll let someone down. We’re anxious about standing up for ourselves and sharing what we really think or feel, worried criticism might wound our already damaged self-esteem. Haven’t we all allowed the fear of others to paralyze us?

Fear stirred up by the state of our world causes panic, too. Every time we watch the news there are stories of mass shootings, horrific terrorism, racial tension, political rants, new diseases, child abuse, natural disasters, sinister acts, etc. It makes me want to put a huge bubble over my family so we don’t get exposed to it all. Sometimes I don’t want to be brave as much as I want to hide away. When I suggest the option of home-colleging my kids—something I’m only sort of joking about—my teenagers shake their heads and walk away.

But God continues whispering into my heart that the world isn’t falling apart . . . it’s falling into place. There are events on the kingdom calendar that have the ability to scare us. And as the return of Jesus gets closer, the Word is clear that it’s going to get darker. But even then, God promises to never turn His back on us (Deuteronomy 31:6). The fear may be real, but God is always available to help (Psalm 46:1). So let’s keep an uncommon perspective with regard to the world’s insanity. And for Pete’s sake, let’s stop letting the news be our Bible.

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