Undercover Obstacles in Relationships

1 comment Posted on September 1, 2015

by Kim Beckham

Bob goes home for dinner and finds his supper has not been prepared and his wife is missing. He finds a note pinned to the pillow of his bed, which states that she no longer loves him and is leaving him. Bob is devastated. He had no idea she was unhappy in the marriage.

Cindy prepares for her weekly coffee meeting with her friends. She loves this time of laughter and silliness among the girls. She arrives at the restaurant and waits alone at an empty table for fifteen minutes before she attempts to call her friends. She gets a brief text back telling her the meeting location was moved at the last minute. Later that day she finally corners one of the members of the group and after several minutes of evasive questions is told that she was not notified of the change because the people in the group don’t like her. They find her hard to deal with and abrasive. Cindy is devastated. She had no idea she was making her friends feel uncomfortable.

HiddenDangersThese are two examples of how “hidden dangers” can sabotage our relationships. All of us crave connection and intimacy with friends and family. Most of us are aware of the major roadblocks to building strong relationships, but we are sometimes set back by things that can do real damage but creep under our emotional radar. Hidden Dangers: Combatting Threats to Healthy Relationships will expose those dangers and give you practical advice on how to minimize their influence.

We all know about the destructive power of betrayal, addiction and abuse, but we often overlook “hidden dangers,” such as comparing our loved ones to other people, taking advice from poor counselors, and allowing fear to cripple the growth of our relationships. In this helpful book, Kim Beckham exposes some of the “hidden dangers,” that attack healthy relationships. Each chapter ends with practical exercises that you can immediately put to use to strengthen your bonds with the people you love. Each of the twelve chapters combines scriptural insights with insight from real life experiences and wisdom generated from years of counseling experience to tackle each hidden obstacle to relationship success.

Many people will find this a valuable book for their lives. People who are strong, spiritually-minded readers who are interested in family and relationships will love this book. Those with struggling relationships, like the recently divorced, fathers trying to connect with their children, couples trying to connect with each other, and friends looking to strengthen their relationships will find this book a long lasting and valuable resource.

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  • 11/14/2015
    Mary said:

    One of the best relationships book I have read in a long time.


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