What is Purity?

0 comments Posted on February 1, 2013

by Hayley & Michael DiMarco

When your heart is tainted by the love of this world and the pursuit of all its goodies, whether you are sexually immoral or not, you are living an impure life. Boom. Let that sink in.

truepurity_press.inddYou are no longer living to bring God all the glory but are holding on to a little bit of that glory, or happiness, for yourself. This impurity then starts to invade all the areas of your life like an infection slowly creeps through your bloodstream and soon takes over your entire body. As you let the impurity of devoting yourself to something other than God distract your heart, steal your thoughts, and control your actions, you end up obeying the call of your flesh to do things that you desperately don’t want to do but can’t seem to stop. Then things start to control you. You start to say things like “I just can’t help it” or “I wish I could stop.” You end up going places you never meant to go and doing things you never wanted to do, and life gets out of control. You wonder why you don’t feel the way you used to feel about God. You start to have pangs of guilt, feelings of loss, and aches of regret. And slowly, like the infection that infiltrates the body, the bacteria of impurity pollutes your soul and the fire you used to feel for God dims, while your passion for the things of this world is stoked. This is the essence of impurity.

When your pursuit and understanding of purity aren’t about your body but are about loving the Lord your God with 100 percent of your heart, soul, mind, and strength, your focus changes. “How far is too far?” “How soon is too soon?” and “What can we do together without having actual sex?” are no longer questions in your mind or on your lips. The things that used to control you, that you used to obsess over, and that used to wreak havoc on your life are no longer “wreaking,” because your life is consumed with one thing and one thing only: your love for God. This truly pure devotion, this supernatural giving of 100 percent of yourself to him, is also called holiness. When you are holy, you are separated or cut off from the unclean or impure things of this world and devoted solely to the purpose of loving and serving God. So holiness is a good synonym for purity.

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