What On Earth Should We Do Now?

0 comments Posted on April 27, 2012

by David Jeremiah, best-selling author of What in the World Is Going On? 

Sure, we realized the good times couldn’t last forever. Everybody knows that economies move through seasons, just like everything else. Still, those realizations didn’t quite prepare us for the reality. There was a bad financial story in the headlines, then another, and the hits just kept coming.  

Had enough? Me too. Say what you want about this past year, but you have to say it hasn’t been dull.

Some of you may have read my previous book entitled What in the World Is Going On? In that book I summarized ten world events and related them to the prophetic Word of God. Any one of these events by itself might not cause us a concern, but all of them, taken together, present a frightening picture.

“Any one of these events by itself might not cause us a concern, but all of them, taken together, present a frightening picture.”

Now I wish to paint for you a separate picture. It couldn’t create a starker contrast with the one we’ve just described, the landscape of current events. Yet this other picture is every bit as real, every bit as true. It simply lies in the future rather than the present.

A year ago my question was, “What in the world is going on?” Today there can be but one question: “Is there any way for us to live with confidence in a chaotic world?” If you have not lost a job or a home, you undoubtedly know someone who has. By this time, virtually every American has been affected by the cultural fallout that has been highlighted by our economic system. If you and I are up to our ears in this, then, what on earth can we do? We need a plan, and we need one as quickly as possible.

In our last book we examined the passages that describe the future return of Jesus Christ to this earth. But what if I told you that those same texts contain clues for how we are to live in the meantime? In scouring the books of the New Testament, I discovered ten practical strategies to help us live with confidence in a chaotic world. We can know what on earth to be doing when our challenges exceed our courage.

As we face the uncertainty of our troubled generation, we cannot afford to turn away from the priceless counsel of the Word of God. We need it more than ever, because it provides a firm foundation even when the world seems in the grip of quicksand’s undertow.

Jeremiah, David. Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World. Copyright © 2009, Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.


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