Where Is America?

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by Mark Hitchcock

America is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible, implying that it would be crippled or taken out of the picture in some way.

The Middle East is on fire, and everyone is wondering where it’s all headed. At the same time, however, large numbers of people are asking, “But what about America? What role will it play during the end times?”

While America is still the lone superpower in the world, in recent years, American influence in the Middle East has been waning. More alarming is the fact American support for Israel has been slipping rapidly. If America ceases to have its current level of superpower influence, how will that affect world events? What does the Bible say, if anything, about America’s future?

I’ve been asked these questions so many times that I wrote a book to address them. It’s titled The Late Great United States: What Bible Prophecy Reveals about America’s Last Days. The thesis of the book is that America is not mentioned in the Bible, either directly or indirectly, and that this silence is significant. America is not Babylon the Great in Revelation 17Ð18, the unnamed nation in Isaiah 18, the ten lost tribes of Israel, or the “young lions of Tarshish” in Ezekiel 38:13. In fact, America is missing in action when it comes to the end-time prophecies of the Bible.

The Scriptures reveal that the major superpower in the end times, at least by the midpoint of the Tribulation, will be a reunited Roman Empire (Revelation 13:4). This European dominance over world affairs can only be explained in light of America’s decline. The late prophecy scholar John Walvoord saw no major end-time role for America. He wrote, “Although conclusions concerning the role of America in prophecy in the end time are necessarily tentative, the Scriptural evidence is sufficient to conclude that America in that day will not be a major power and apparently does not figure largely in either the political, economic, or religious aspects of the world.”

Charles Ryrie agrees:
The Bible has made crystal clear the destiny of many nations. Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Russia, and Israel–But not so with the United States–The Bible’s silence concerning the future of the United States might well mean that she will play no prominent role in the end-time drama. A nation does not have to be named in order to be identified in Bible prophecy. When Ezekiel described the future Russian invasion he used the phrase “remote parts of the north” (38:15). Surely some prophet would have predicted something about those countries or peoples in the remote parts of the West if God had intended a major end-time role for them in the Western Hemisphere. The fact is that no one did–Instead, we are led to conclude that the United States will be neutralized, subordinated, or wiped out, thus having little or no part in the political and military affairs of the end time.  

To be sure, I don’t want to see the United States decline. I love this country and all that has made it so special, but after much careful examination of the Scriptures, it does seem unlikely that the United States will play a key role in the end times. Which raises the following questions: What might happen that would reduce America to a subordinate role? What kind of event could bring America to its knees? While we cannot speak with certainty at this pointÑbecause the Bible doesn’t tell us anythingÑwe can make some educated guesses. Several plausible scenarios fit what we see taking place around us today. They could occur one by one over a period of time, or merge together to hasten a downward spiral.

Taken from: Middle East Burning. Copyright © 2012 by Mark Hitchcock. Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR. Used by permission.


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