Whisper Yes to the Invitation

0 comments Posted on June 1, 2016

by Suzanne Eller

Two years ago I started a journey.

I was spiritually hungry for faith that would change the world around me. I was hungry for faith that wasn’t measured by what I did or didn’t do, but was impactful simply because I followed Jesus.

Sometimes I’d wake in the night wrestling with this desire. One night I reached for a sticky note and wrote the word deeper.

The next day, I walked into the gospel of Luke. I desired to walk with Jesus, to stand on the fringe of the crowd and listen. I longed to watch Jesus’ example and learn from Him. What started as a few days turned into nearly two years of reading and studying the book of Luke.

The disciples were real people with real conflicts and real emotions. They had no formal training. They had no idea where Jesus was leading them.

All they knew was that He had issued a compelling invitation.

ComeWithMeCome with me.

Wherever it leads. 

No matter what I ask. 

No matter the miracle I want to do in you. 

They said yes, and that yes transformed them forever.

It changed their employment goals. It turned natural reactions upside down to consider the supernatural possibility of inviting God into the mix. It transformed the way they sought God and loved people. Following Jesus introduced an eternal perspective to things like material goods and money.

It wasn’t easy, but it was the best yes they had ever whispered.

Does Jesus still ask us to follow Him today?
He does. 

When I was about halfway through this journey, I knew that I was changing.

Like the day I sensed the Lord leading me into a harder path, one that required me to take a leap of faith.

Come with me, Suzie. 

In the past I might have sought counsel. I might have prayed for several days. I might have weighed the pros and cons. While seeking counsel and praying are wise, I had to be honest. There were times I used these to delay my yes to Jesus. It looked really spiritual on the outside, but on the inside it was wrapped around fear or indecision.

I discovered that if it is God asking, it’s my privilege to say yes.

Wherever He leads.

Whatever He asks.

Recently, I thought about that yellow sticky note that read: deeper.

Saying yes to the invitation can be challenging, but it does take us deeper.

Deeper into intimacy with our Savior.

Deeper into an understanding of who we are as we climb out of our comfort zones.

Deeper into the heart of a God who loves to collect people more than things.

“Come with me” is our invitation, and the true adventure is walking with Jesus every single day.

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