Win a Prince’s Heart

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Myth: Guys Only Care About Looks
Truth: Genuine Beauty Wins a Prince’s Heart

The world has it backward. We are taught to focus on the mirror, the makeup, the clothes, and pictures—and images that supposedly define us. I know what this is like—modeling was all about the size, shape, weight, look. The measurement of my figure was the measure of my worth.

But when I met my husband, I met a man of distinct character. A man who was drawn to the interior qualities that make me beautiful—my gifts, my heart, my longing to be a good wife and mother. Yet I have found that no matter how hard I try, I cannot win him with a demanding attitude or contentious spirit. I cannot win him with arguments made with words. Being self-centered, rude, condemning, or contrary turns him completely off to me—he runs the other way.

At whatever season you are in right now—single and satisfied, hoping for marriage, or married—I wonder if this might be a time to cultivate the interior qualities that make a woman beautiful. It certainly is that time for me. We must hide this truth in our hearts and practice, bit by bit, living it out: it is the “gentle and quiet spirit” that is powerful in God’s sight and wins a prince’s heart for the good. And if these things don’t come naturally for us, through open and honest confession before God we can become brighter and more beautiful as He transforms us to be more like Him.

21MythsGirlsBelieveI remember on our wedding day, standing at the altar when the pastor said that when hard times came, we were to remember the rings around our fingers as symbols of our promise. A foolish and young bride, I couldn’t imagine that hard times would really come to us—we were so in love!

Well, guess what?

Hard times came.

Then they came again.

And again.

While I’ve stayed true to my promise I made on my wedding day and never stopped loving my prince, there have been times that I haven’t been kind and haven’t had one bit of courage, times I’ve needed to forgive and leave the hard times in my past. And this is done step by step, day by day with Jesus. I am always asking Him to show me how I can change and what I can do to be a better friend and lover.

It is our interior qualities of genuine friendship and love that are powerful to God and men, and we always do best when we take care of the outside but cultivate our inside to be far more remarkable than the clothes, watches, or purses we wear, the cars we drive, or the homes we live in. We were created by God to be reflections of His goodness.

Jennifer Strickland is a blessed wife and mother of three, author, speaker, former professional model, and founder of U R More, a ministry that teaches people their value, identity and purpose in Christ.

Excerpt was taken from 21 Myths (Even Good) Girls Believe About Sex by Jennifer Strickland with permission of Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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