Wreck my Life

0 comments Posted on August 1, 2016

by Mo Isom

Somewhere along the way I bought into the lie that a blessed life was a life lived with as little hardship as possible. That I was entitled to comfort and ease and happiness. That God was most present and pleased in the lives of those with abundance and minimal adversity. Rather than wrapping my head around the truth that hardship was inevitable, I convinced myself that if I did the right things and said the right things then maybe I could play it safe enough. I moved through my days under the impression that I was the author of my story and that the trajectory of my life solely depended on my control, my success, and my own personal strength.

Because of my skewed perception of reality, when hardship did come my way it came close to ending me. When trouble came I desperately clung to my ability to cope with and mask and hold together all of the broken pieces. I lost myself trying to save myself and compromised so many things. I strove to be whole again—as if my own broken hands could ever fix my mangled heart. As if my ability to save my own story would somehow warrant me more personal glory when the world took its best look at me.

WreckMyLifeSuffering, adversity, and discomfort often derail us and drag us into a downward spiral of depression, blame, and pity. We wander through our days drowned in social media, social pressure, and spiritual timidity. In a culture of “fake it till you make it,” we keep our struggles to ourselves and only put our best foot forward for the world to reward. As a result, we’re becoming broken, lonely people who feel isolated in our sin struggles and ashamed of our shattered pieces. In a culture that craves comfort, we blame God for our wreckage, we doubt His goodness and sovereignty, and oftentimes we turn our back on a God we don’t believe could be truly loving and good if He allows such pain and suffering.

I didn’t want to hear it either, but what if in our haste to feel good and avoid discomfort we’re ignoring promises that aren’t meant to scare us but rather prepare us? What if we’re missing out on the resounding glory of a sovereign King who is stating the obvious?  What if hearing and accepting the hardest things is exactly what sets us free? What if we began to recognize trouble and adversity as sacred rather than scarring? As purposeful rather than punishing?

In a broken world, our adversity and suffering will not cease but our perspective can boldly shift. We can begin to embrace adversity in a new light. We can begin to surrender the pain and suffering of our past, accept the forgiveness and grace offered in the present, and invite a holy God to wreck our lives. To unhinge the lies we’ve believed, to shake our preconceived ideas and beliefs, to obliterate our bondage and our shame and our pride and our defeat. With radical, unshakable faith placed in a radical, unfailing King, we are able to appreciate the wreckage of our past and orchestrate the voluntary wreckage of our future for the glory of a King who was first wrecked on our behalf.

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