Your Next Great Adventure

0 comments Posted on June 1, 2015

by Mark Batterson & Richard Foth

In their new book A Trip Around the Sun: Turning Your Everyday Life into the Adventure of a Lifetime, bestselling author Mark Batterson and his mentor and longtime friend in ministry Richard Foth urge readers to reject complacency and boredom and embrace faith as a thrilling adventure. 

Dick’s Story

Mark Batterson & Richard Foth-SMMy friendship with Mark grew easily. When he and Lora felt called to form a congregation in an old school building in southeast DC, I watched as he found his own teaching style and began envisioning what National Community Church would someday become. I saw him dream some pretty unique dreams and put feet to them.

The one thing that really connects us is love of adventure. Whether it’s identifying with the original adventure of Jesus coming to earth to unlock our world or us taking a risk in love, adventure is lifeblood.

At the heart of it all is discovery. I have, so far, circled the sun more than seventy-three times. I have discovered a few things that matter: Loving in the hard times is the best kind of loving. At the end of the day most folks do exactly what they want to, so we need to focus on the want to. Life is a wilderness, but when we invite Jesus to be our Guide, all bets are off. Any way you slice it, those things spell adventure.

Mark’s Story

When Lora and I moved to the nation’s capital in May of 1994, we only knew one soul, my college roommate. Then Thanksgiving rolled around. Dick and Ruth Foth were longtime friends of Lora’s parents, so the Foths didn’t just invite us over for a turkey; they took us under their wing.

TripAroundSunMore than anything, what has connected Dick and me these past eighteen years is our love of adventure. We both live by a simple mantra: choose adventure. We come at it from two different angles. I love a good challenge. He loves a good story. But both are born of adventuring.

When you rise to the challenge of adventurous living, your days will be richer and your soul will be fuller. There will be more risks, more dares, and more obstacles. And in return, there will be more memories that started out as dreams.

The greatest adventures aren’t halfway around the world. They are often right across the street, down the hall, or in the seat next to you. You don’t have to go looking for adventure. If you follow Jesus, adventure comes looking for you. Jesus didn’t carry a cross to Calvary so that we could live a halfway life. He died so that we could come alive in the truest and fullest sense of the word.

I have made forty-four trips around the sun, at this writing. And I can’t wait for the next forty-four, Lord willing. I want to live my life with a childlike sense of adventure. I want to leave a legacy that is full of faith and full of fun. And I know that the greatest adventures are always done in tandem with the people you love the most. I want to risk more, reflect more, and do more things that live on after I die.

Will you join us?

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