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Angela BreidenbachSometimes it feels like life is moving at interstellar space speed. Changes happen and we have to take them in stride while staying balanced. We can’t freeze the planet. How is balance at all possible with the massive harm hitting the nation lately?

Watching the horrible floods in Colorado, the fires in my beloved Montana, and storms hitting the rest of the world makes my little life and job changes seem pretty miniscule. Then there’s the Navy shootings in DC. My heart broke with each report and image over the last few weeks. All these people. All these devastating changes that will affect lives for generations. I find myself bowed in prayer many times a day. A whispered word here and there asking God for mercy on us, on grieving families, on families rebuilding.


Even as raging forest fires threatened our town, I couldn’t help but be humbled by the television reports sharing still more painful news. I felt a sense of guilt rather than celebration when the last fire (three miles from our home) was defeated. It doesn’t feel right to celebrate when it seems like everyone else is losing so much. But it’s important to remember people need the sense of celebration in a crazy, fallen world. Celebration does balance devastation.

I decided to celebrate moments of awe and joy. Any time I see something beautiful, experience something humorous, or hear good news now I’m saying a prayer of thanks. It’s helping me deal with the seemingly constant bad news to turn my eyes to the Lord. Would you consider doing the same to help balance the difficulties?

Healing Heart

Angela Breidenbach is a captivating speaker, coach, and author of A Healing Heart, from the Abingdon Press Quilts of Love series, Gems of Wisdom: For a Treasure-filled Life (women’s Bible study & small group book), and countless articles, devotions, and compilations. New book, Snowflake Tiara, coming September 2014. She is certified in mentor/peer counseling as a CTA life coach, as a Stephen Minister, and a weight loss/nutrition/fitness coach. Angela volunteers as the Christian Author Network’s president. Her professional positions include editor with Choose Now Publishing and support editor for the Thinking About Suicide blog. Angela is owned by #Muse, the dog-like cat, whose antics and articles can be found on his new blog, A-Muse-ings. #Muse also knows social media and visits facebook, twitter, and Pinterest sharing his favorite books as the most well read cat in the world.

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