Attitude of Gratitude

0 comments Posted on December 10, 2018

by Ginny McCabe

If there’s one theme that keeps coming up for me this holiday season, it’s an attitude of gratitude. In expressing gratitude in big and small things, I’ve found that it greatly impacts not only my mindset, but my actions. I’ve discovered that an attitude of gratitude has the power to transform our lives from the inside out.

Philippians 4:6 (NIV) says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

This verse reminds me to be thankful and to pray in all circumstances. I believe no matter what’s happening in our lives, we can have a thankful outlook and a willingness to express gratitude. When we do this, we’re armed with humility and we understand that failure doesn’t define us.

So, instead of worrying about the outcome of a situation, or projecting how it might turn out, I turn to God, pray and thank Him for the ways He’s at work in my life. This approach not only gives me peace, but it turns my heart to the Father and takes the focus off of myself.

Ways we can focus on God may include reading the Bible, talking to God about what’s going on in our lives, or by helping a friend who is in need.

Gratitude can become an everyday lifestyle when we choose to embrace it. A few practical ways we can develop an attitude of gratitude is by naming specific things we are thankful for. Think about what you’re thankful for and write it down. Soon, you’ll discover how much you have to be thankful for.

We can also express gratefulness to others through praising their deeds or through simple acts of kindness. For example, we can take the time to acknowledge the accomplishments of a co-worker, or buy lunch for a friend and tell her how grateful we are for her friendship.

As I reflect on having an attitude of gratitude, let me close with this prayer, “Lord, help me look to You in all areas of my life. Give me a spirit of thankfulness and help me to remember the good things You have provided for me. Open my heart, prepare me for Your purposes, and use me for Your glory. Amen.”

Ginny McCabe is a bestselling author, an award-winning journalist, media professional, speaker and teacher. Her work may be seen in publications like Journal-News, Reuters and O, The Oprah Magazine. Her books have been published by Thomas Nelson/Harper Collins & Standard Publishing. Ginny has spent decades covering topics like news, entertainment, business and faith-inspired themes. She serves as president of the Greater Cincinnati Society of Professional Journalists, acts as a SPJ Freelance Community board member and was named “Best Freelance Writer” in 2018. Ginny is also a member of ONA, Christian Author’s Network and the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Secrets Young Women Keep is an ECPA Silver Medallion winner and has been featured on the CBA Young Adult Bestseller Lists. Connect with Ginny at and on Twitter @ginnymccabe.


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