Avalanches Always Happen to Other People

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Christine Lindsayby Christine Lindsay

This past summer my hubby and I were traveling through the Canadian Rockies on one of our funny-moons, and my eyes landed on an unusual sight high up in Roger’s Pass—a Howitzer artillery rifle.

“What on earth is that there for?” I asked my husband.

“They shoot ammunition into the snow capped mountains to trigger avalanches,” he explained. “Keeps the snow from causing a natural avalanche that could do more harm.

My mental wheels started spinning. It was only July at the time, but I had to write a short Christmas story for an anthology, and I thought—well there’s my idea.

So I started my research on avalanche control, and discovered that most people think avalanches always happen to other people. Well-equipped and experienced skiers take chances and many times pay the fatal price due to that thinking.

Just like marriage problems, or emotional distance between spouses. We never think it could happen to us. We might have done the marriage counseling before the wedding ceremony, but lazily take our marriages for granted the longer we’ve been married.

But disasters don’t just happen to other people. Disasters can happen to anyone at any time.

When was the last time you took stock of your important relationships?

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