Back to School Blues

0 comments Posted on August 25, 2020

by Catherine Finger

The retired superintendent in me still feels the stirrings of excitement and anxiety signaling the start of a new school year every August.

As our nation’s schools and communities wrestle with the myriad details and decisions being made relative to sending our children back to school this year, my heart and prayers go out to our school leaders, staff, students, parents and families. Much as we want to rely on good decision-making strategies and current data in deciding how and when to reopen schools, the evolving nature of the pandemic requires flexible spirits and agile organizations.

As people of faith, how are we to respond? I believe that there is no one-size fits all decision relative to how, when and under what conditions we reopen our schools. This is a good time to pray for wisdom and to act out of a spirit of love and of a sound mind as described in 2 Timothy 1:7. Uncertainty has become the new normal over the past several months, and it is likely to remain and reappear throughout the new school year.

My prayer for our schools and school communities is that we lean into the uncertainty, basking in a spirit of love rather than slipping into fear.

Catherine Finger retired from a wonderful career in public education as a school and community leader, teacher and coach. She currently resides in the Midwest, daily celebrating opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing of others as a certified professional coach, writer and friend.


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