Back to School Show and Tell

0 comments Posted on August 27, 2012

by Elizabeth George

I adore watching my two daughters get their kids who range from 7 to 13 ready to go back to school. What a fun time it is for the family. What child doesn’t love their new school clothes, super-hero or Hello Kitty class folders, and everything they need to fit into their new backpack for that ever-memorable first day of school?

As you, a mom after God’s own heart, get organized for the Fall 2012 semester, here are a few things you can do to make going back to school a fun adventure for both you and your family:

* Pictures, pictures, pictures! What great memories your pictures will create for decades to come. And this month you can even bring out last year’s photos and have a chuckle over them. And don’t forget to put this year’s picture of your guy or gal on their personal page in your prayer notebook. And, of course, one absolutely must go on the refrigerator door!

* Share, share, share! Your kids love to hear first-day-of-school stories. So start with your own adventures. What cool insights for your children to hear that you–yes, you!–were nervous. That you had new clothes. That your new shoes became your favorites. That you had a Princess Leah lunch box. That you messed up the first day. That you made a friend that’s still a forever-friend today. That you felt awkward with your braces! Oh, and there are always your own tales of riding in a carpool or on the school or city bus.

* Prayer, prayer, prayer! School can be hostile, lonely, and so discouraging. Sure there’s lots of fun and neat kids. But cover your darlings daily with your earnest prayers. Pray that they stand strong. Pray for God to lead them to good friends. Pray for them to be responsible for their conduct and their school work. And be sure to pray daily with your kids before they leave for school. Remember that the passionate and earnest prayer of a righteous mom has a powerful effect (James 5:16).



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