Back to the Basics–The Three R’s

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Cheri Cowellby Cheri Cowell

With school starting, it is a good reminder that we ought to get back to the basics–with our spirituality, that is. We can’t forge ahead into the deep and neglect “the three R’s” if we want to finish the year strong. So here is a reminder to tend to these basics of good spiritual care.


What goes in, comes out. So stop at your local Christian bookstore and pick up a new book so you can feed your mind. And don’t neglect the reading of the Good Book. Daily habits of reading from God’s Word and reading good books, whether fiction or Christian living, will set your mind on the things above.


365-devotions-for-peaceSome of us need to reconnect to friends we’ve been away from all summer. And some of us have had busy summers and we need time to slow down and reconnect with God. As summer gives way to fall, it is a good time to reassess our need to reconnect and then set aside the time. Make a date with that friend, and with God.


Before we enter the busy holiday season, it is good to recharge the batteries–the spiritual batteries. When the batteries run low because we’ve been on the go, we can grow weary in well doing. So, get a new devotional book or pick up one of the spiritual classics (your bookstore owner can steer you in the right direction), and then light a candle and dive in. Your soul needs that nourishment. Soon you’ll find your spiritual batteries are recharged and you have more energy for the busy season to come.

Cheri Cowell is the author of 365 Devotions for Peace and One Story, One Mission, One God an overview of the Bible in twelve weeks. To learn more about her other books, visit her at


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