Be Patient … It Tastes Better

0 comments Posted on September 27, 2021

by Karin Beery

September is technically still summer, but cooler temperatures and shorter days have me anxious for autumn! Jeans and sweatshirts. Bonfires. Football.

And apples!

Living in northern Michigan, I’m surrounded by orchards, and I can hardly wait for Jonagolds, Fujis, Galas, and Pink Ladies. I don’t mind them baked, sauced, or buttered, but I’m just as happy with a fresh crispy apple slice dipped in smooth peanut butter. Yum!

Earlier this month, I decided to buy some apples from the grocery store—the farm stands didn’t have fresh apples yet, but I didn’t want to wait. I didn’t care that apple season hadn’t officially started in Michigan, I just wanted my apples.

I ended up with a type of apple I’ve never heard of. While it wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t good either. It was crunchy. It was juicy. It was … flavorless.

My anticipation tested my patience and my patience lost. I wanted what I wanted, and I wanted it now. I got my apples, but the experience was disappointing.

God’s timing in our lives is perfect, even if we don’t understand it. Often times He makes us wait for things, and it’s easy to grow impatient. We can force His hand and rush the process, but that can lead to disappointing tasteless results. Or we can wait on Him. Let Him take the time He needs to do the work He’s planned, then enjoy the sweet result of His perfect timing.

Karin Beery is the author of hopeful fiction with a healthy dose of romance. You can connect with her on Facebook at or on Instagram and Twitter at @karinbeery.


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