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Have you ever felt blind in your faith? Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your way and you don’t know where to turn? We’ve all felt lost like this before, but when the waves come crashing down on us it’s amazing to know that God will always get us through.

Our song, “Believer” was inspired by Derek Rabelo; he was born blind, but given the amazing gift of surfing. Even now he’s surfing with some of the greatest surfers in the world and all of this is fueled by his incredible faith in God. This is a perfect example of how we can take even the worst things in life, and use them for God. 2 Corinthians 5:7 proclaims, “We walk by faith, not by sight”. No matter our struggles, and no matter if we can’t see what’s in front of us, God is always with us.


I want to live this life unsafe, unsure, but not afraid
What I want is to give all I got somehow
Giving up letting go of control right now

‘Cause I’m already out here, blind but I can see
I see the way you’re moving, God how I believe that
I can push back the mountains, can stand on the waves
I can see through the darkness, I’ll hold up the flame
Take me to the ocean I want to go deeper
I’m not afraid no, I’m a believer

And so I lose this life to find my way and come alive
They can try to deny what’s inside of me
But there is more, can’t ignore all the things unseen
Oh I believe I can walk on water with You, Lord

When I walk through the valley of the shadows
When I’m trapped in the middle of the battle
I will trust in You
‘Cause trouble comes, but you never let it take me
I hold fast ‘cause I know that You will save me
I will trust in You, I will trust in You

Oh here I stand all alone waiting on you, Lord
Waiting on You


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