Best Laid Plans

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SONY DSCCommit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans” (Proverbs 16:3 NIV)

Several years ago, we booked a summer cruise to celebrate our daughter’s graduation from high school. The family would spend seven days in the Caribbean on a floating resort! After months of careful planning and research we choose the best excursions and carefully picked the flight to get us to the departure city on time. We checked the weather to pack the right clothing.

When the day arrived, we loaded the luggage and went to the airport. But one problem after another arose. We suffered through mechanical trouble, overbooking, and weather issues. After hours of trying everything, our disappointed family reloaded the car and went home. All our careful planning could not get us on that ship. Too many things were simply out of our control.

We humans like to plan, but our control is limited. In fact, you may be frustrated or anxious right now because you feel you have no control over your life. Be encouraged and take comfort in this firm truth: our God has complete control.

Today’s Scripture passage shows us how God’s people can trust Him with the plans we make. First, we should seek God’s direction as we plan. The word “commit” implies a humble dependence on God for the direction of our lives. Ask for His will and follow it. God blesses the plans that please Him. Second, leave the outcome up to God. Our plans still may change, but we can trust God is in control.

In what ways can you seek God’s direction for your plans and then trust Him to carry out His perfect will?

God is My Refuge

Kathy Howard helps women live an unshakeable faith for life. The author of 5 books, Kathy encourages them to stand firm on our rock-solid God no matter the circumstances of life. Find out about her books and speaking ministry and get discipleship tools and leader helps at her website:


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