Big Dreams

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Vickie McDonoughby Vickie McDonough

If anyone had ever told me I’d write a book when I was young, I would have laughed the hardest of all. No way! No how! When I was young, I loved horses, reading, and watching cowboy shows on television with my dad. My dream as a young girl was to marry a rancher, so I could ride horses as much as I wanted. My school interests leaned more toward mathematics than grammar, history, or science, and my career of choice was bookkeeping/accounting.

As my four sons grew, I did a number of different part-time jobs to help bring in extra income, from delivering Thrifty Nickel newspapers (with three kids under five in the car), to balancing checkbooks for friends, and working at my church.  I wanted to stay home with the boys, but we also needed the income, so my mind was always searching for new ways to bring it in. I started praying for God to help me start a home business.

Sarah's SurrenderSeveral years later after discovering and falling in love with Christian fiction novels, I started having ideas for a book run through my head. It was like watching a movie unfold in my mind. It started affecting my sleep, which affected my ability to work at home and not be grumpy with my kids. In my effort to get the stories out of my head, I started writing them down. And that was the beginning of my writing career. I wrote two complete books before I finally started wondering if God was trying to tell me something. At that point, I jumped into writing with both feet, trying to learn the skills that I didn’t learn in school.

So the unlikely math lover became a writer. It doesn’t seem possible. Still doesn’t at times. But with God, all things are possible. One theme that tends to recur in my books is that God dreams bigger dreams for you than you can dream for yourself. What is God prompting you to do? Whatever it is, do not be afraid to take the first step. He will walk with you each step of the way, and you will be amazed at the doors He opens and the wonderful things He’ll bring your way.

Bestselling author Vickie McDonough grew up wanting to marry a rancher, but instead married a computer geek who is scared of horses. She now lives out her dreams penning romance stories about ranchers, cowboys, lawmen, and others living in the Old West. Vickie is an award-winning author of more than 40 published books and novellas. Her novels include the fun and feisty Texas Boardinghouse Brides series, and End of the Trail, which was the OWFI 2013 Best Fiction Novel winner. Whispers on the Prairie was a Romantic Times Recommended Inspirational Book for July 2013. Song of the Prairie won the 2015 Inspirational Readers Choice Award. Her latest series, Land Rush Dreams, focuses on the Oklahoma land runs. Vickie has recently stepped into independent publishing.



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