Blissful Hobbies Enhance Careers

0 comments Posted on June 20, 2019

by Angela Breidenbach

Swimming conjures up images of summer. Splashing in lakes, cannonballing into a pool, and swimming lessons with children. I started swimming as an infant, nine months old, being born in Las Vegas, NV. In those days, babies were taught to swim underwater and come up for air. Being a little fish came natural to me. So much so that regular swimming lessons were part of my life just like going to school.

As a teen, I took diving. Simple dives thrilled me. Not so much the high twists or head first off the high board. I wanted to gracefully arc into the water and perform beautiful stunts underwater like Esther Williams. It was always about being under the water.

My sixteenth summer, I practiced diving from the side and the short board at a local pool. Front, back, side, dives and back flips. All so I could revel in precise, pointed-toe underwater ballet.

Joyfully in my own world creating routines, I didn’t know the Nevada State Synchronized Swimming Team coach was watching. He gave me his card and suggested I ask my parents to sign me up for his team. But by that time, my parents lived in separate states, Mom in Colorado and Dad in Nevada. I only visited my dad in Vegas for six weeks of the summer and a week at Christmas. I never did join the team, fearful of change. One of my great regrets. I think back on it as God’s lesson for me to be more courageous in my choices.

I did go on to take synch classes as an adult because that interest stuck with me. I even coached young girls learning the sport for a season. Sometimes I’ve wondered how my life would have been different if I’d accepted the invitation. What if I could have become an Olympian?

I’ll never know what could have happened had I gone on to team training. I still adore the sense of peace and pure happiness as I scull through the water. But these kinds of “what if” questions give me the opportunity to dive into story and explore them in the books I write while doing what I love. Writing has always been my dream job. Swimming a blissful hobby, allowing me to escape, relax and rejuvenate.

What hobby brings you bliss?

Have you ever wished you’d pursued it as a career?

Angela Breidenbach ( is a radio personality, genealogist and bestselling author. She’s the president of the Christian Authors Network. Angie lives in Montana with her hubby and Muse, a trained fe-lion, who shakes hands, rolls over and jumps through a hoop. Surprisingly, Angie can also. Her new release is Taking the Plunge and features an early form of synchronized swimming called ornamental swimming. Sign up for her newsletter or visit her on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest: @AngBreidenbach


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