0 comments Posted on July 18, 2012

by Colleen Coble

Have you ever noticed how our choices every day affect our Christian walk? If you’ve ever wandered away from God, you know it didn’t happen because one day we just woke up and decided to do something we knew would displease God. We were faced with some small decision that seemed inconsequential at the time, but it led to the next step, then the next. Before we knew it, we were walking a path that took us away from the place we thought we were heading. It was like starting out for New York and taking a wrong turn in Indianapolis, then landing in Dallas!

I wanted to explore those small choices in Tidewater Inn. Libby’s friend and business partner is kidnapped on an Outer Banks beach while Libby watches on a beach cam feed from hundreds of miles away. When Libby rushes to Hope Beach, she discovers she’s been left Tidewater Inn by a father she thought had died when she was five–but he’s only been gone a few months. There are also two siblings in Hope Beach she knows nothing about. A handsome Coast Guard officer joins in to help her get to the truth. And as Libby searches for Nicole, she begins to learn about the father she never knew. Even as she strives to emulate her father’s generosity and love for other people, the man who took her friend takes another step in the wrong direction, then another and another, until he’s willing to do things he never dreamed he’d do.

Writing the book helped me focus on what I should do today to walk in step with God. I hope it’s a reminder to you too. Inhale the salt air and feel the sand under your feet as you read it.  🙂


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