Christians Make Passover Bright for Jews in Need

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special ed center Odessaby Don Horwitz

“This day will become a memorial for you, and you will celebrate it as a festival to the Lord…” (Exodus 12:14)

In keeping with this biblical command, each year millions of Jews gather with family and friends to mark Passover—the Jewish festival that celebrates the Israelites’ escape from slavery in ancient Egypt.

The centerpiece of the holiday is the Seder—the festive meal that retells the story of the Israelites’ escape and reminds us that freedom is precious and must never be taken for granted. From matzah ball soup, to gefilte fish, the Seder is filled with delicious traditional foods, and more importantly, joy and love.

Yet each year, Passover remains out of reach for far too many Jews living in poverty in the former Soviet Union (FSU).

Centuries of endemic anti-Semitism and persecution, which continue to this day, have trapped hundreds of thousands of Jews in the FSU in lives of poverty and destitution, and disconnected them from their Jewish faith.

From abused and neglected Jewish orphans, to elderly Holocaust survivors, Passover is a luxury they simply cannot afford on their own.

This is where the world’s Christian community comes in—remembering their Jewish brothers and sisters by providing the support they need to have the Passover they deserve.

Through Christians Care International, Christians come together during this season, and year-round, to provide the resources to lift up the impoverished Jews of the FSU, providing life-saving support in the form of shelter for orphans, senior centers for the elderly, emergency humanitarian aid, and aliyah assistance for Jews immigrating to Israel.

Thanks to Christians from around the world, Christians Care International is able to provide kosher for Passover foods, Seder meals and the chance to experience faith – making the Passover holiday bright for Jewish people in need.

Don Horwitz is Executive Director of Christians Care International. Learn more at


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