Christmas Simplicity

0 comments Posted on December 19, 2019

by Grace Fox

Sailboat life is a simple life. I’m especially grateful for this at Christmastime. Simplicity allows me to slow down and savor the season. It also removes a lot of stress.

Take decorating, for instance. I hang a few mini ornaments and a wee strand of lights on our two-foot high fake tree. Done.

My propane oven can’t hold a turkey, so I forego the bird and all the trimmings. Instead, I put a roast and potatoes in a slow cooker. And as for cleaning my home for the holidays—dusting and mopping from bow to stern takes about 45 minutes.

Granted, I do miss some loved Christmas traditions, but I’ve learned to embrace the new. My favorite is baking gingersnaps for my neighbors. Most of them are single men, and they appreciate home-baked anything.

Simplicity is good. At Christmastime, it allows us to keep our focus where it belongs—on celebrating Jesus and on loving others. So, what’s one thing you can do to keep it simple this year?

May your Christmas be wrapped with God’s presence, and may He fill your hearts with peace.

Grace Fox is an international speaker and the author of nine books including Morning Moments with God: Devotions for the Busy Woman. She is a member of the writing team for “First 5,” a Bible study app produced by Proverbs 31 Ministries.


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