Come to the River

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Rhett Walkerby Rhett Walker Band

“But whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” – John 4:14

I decided I needed to take a drive through the countryside one day. Just me, myself and God. We HAD to talk! More like I wanted to complain for a little bit and then let God go ahead and fix all my worries and problems. I’m sure you’ve felt that way at some point.

My band was picking up more and more opportunities, and I was starting to be away from my family more often. I was trying to find the balance of being a great husband and dad, and putting food on the table while being an artist, which is what I had been called to do. And as I was driving and praying, (well, yelling and arguing) I took a right turn, off the beaten path onto this old road, which led straight to a river. I just sat there staring at the river as it flowed by, asking God, “How am I supposed to make all this work? How am I supposed to be all that I am supposed to be when it feels like the puzzle pieces do not fit?”

When I finally quit talking and took a breath and started to listen, I was able to hear clearly and see what God was trying to show me. He was showing me that I needed to wash myself clean of these worries, and let Him be in control. He reminded me that He is the Living Water, and just like our body needs water to live and grow and prosper, so does our soul. Once you drink from that cup He pours, you will thirst no more. The thirst for life and purpose is quenched. See, my first response was to start to try to figure out how to fix the situation myself. But I should have just stopped, taken a breath and remembered and trusted that He is all knowing and that Jesus is the giver of life.

Come to the RiverCome To The River

I’m torn between myself and your truth
These cursed memories, forever seeping through
My thirst for myself left me wanting more
Till I found myself face down on your shore

You say come to the river
Oh and lay yourself down
And let your heart be found
You say come to the river
Drink from the cup I pour
And thirst no more

My restless heart, led me astray
To my selfish pride, I became my own slave
But you placed a thirst in me, with no drink in sight
Cause I could not see, till I saw through Your eyes


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