Deck the Halls

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Linda Glidenby Linda Gilden

“Deck the Halls” used to be a song reserved for December. But earlier and earlier each year you see store windows decorated for the Christmas season, hear the music of Christmas, and see advertisement for holiday products. This year is no exception.

So how as a family are you going to handle the early onset of the holiday season?

  1. Decide now that even though stores interrupt the harvest season to display Christmas products, you are not going to ignore other special times. Plan a family Thanksgiving celebration that focuses on giving thanks for the many blessings in your life. Making sure everyone remembers that our greatest blessing is Jesus and we should be thankful for Him sets the stage to easily move into the Christmas season.
  2. Mama Was the Queen of ChristmasEnjoy seeing the beautiful reds and greens in the stores but don’t feel pressured into decorating your home until you are ready. Often we browse at all the wonderful merchandise in our local Christian bookstore and plan on one or two things to add to our collection after Thanksgiving. Traditionally at our house, we take Christmas card pictures Thanksgiving afternoon and then decorate the Christmas tree. We happen to enjoy getting ready for the season early but somehow before Thanksgiving is just rushing it a bit!
  3. Pray that this will be the most special family Christmas ever. The most important part of the Christmas season or any season is to make sure you focus on Jesus. Plan now to include others in your Christmas celebrations as a way to share your faith with others.

Just a little planning, yes, even in October, will help make your Christmas season move along smoothly and keep the focus on Jesus.

Linda Gilden is a freelance writer from SC. In her recent book, Mama Was the Queen of Christmas – How to Keep the King on His Throne During the Busy Season, she provides lots of ideas for creatively celebrating Jesus during the season of His birth and all year long.


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