Devotions with Little Princesses

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dscn6785by Karen Whiting

Girls want to feel loved and a sense of belonging. They are drawn to the princess theme and bling that adds sparkle to life that makes them feel pretty and accepted. We need to fill the depth of their hearts and not just the outward appearance.

Daily devotions make a great way to fill hearts and build skills. Take a few minutes each day to let your girl wear a crown, read a scripture, and talk about being a child of the king.

In reading and echoing a verse your daughter begins to learn how to memorize facts and starts to learn what’s in the Bible. Chatting about the meaning of a verse or sharing a Bible story helps a child develop reading comprehension and understand God’s ways. In exploring ways to put the verse in action a child learns to live her faith. She’ll develop positive character traits that will give her inner beauty. Praying and thanking God for answers to prayers develops a girls’ spiritual connection with God. Prayer becomes a more natural part of life and helps a little princess realize she is truly a beloved daughter of the king.


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Karen Whiting ( is a former television host, an international speaker and author of fifteen books.


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