Digital Spring Cleaning

0 comments Posted on May 1, 2018

by Sandra Orchard

I love spring cleaning. The first warm sunny day, I throw open the windows and start in with joyful abandon. I live in Canada. Need I say more?

Unfortunately, when it comes to organizing, updating, optimizing and de-junking my digital life, my enthusiasm wanes. But since winter decided to snatch us back into its icy grip last month, I did finally resign myself to the much-needed chore.

Here are some essentials to help you get started:

  • First delete or archive all files, photos, emails, saved texts, call logs and apps you no longer need. (You might want to do this in small chunks if, like me, you have a decade of digital photos or documents to wade through, not to mention your email’s inbox and sent box. Also be especially diligent about securing emails and documents with privacy information.)
  • To keep the inbox under control, unsubscribe to e-newsletters you no longer wish to receive.
  • Clean up your browser. Clear its history. Delete all the unwanted cookies tracking you around cyberspace. Secure your passwords and assess your security settings. It’s always a good idea to review the privacy and security settings of websites you visit too.
  • To keep your systems running at their best and reduce the risk of infection from malware, update the operating system, apps and software you use to their newest version.
  • Destroy digital devices you no longer use. They likely contain a lot of privacy information that could still be accessed by a thief. Hard drives should be physically destroyed or permanently wiped clean.

Once you’ve spring cleaned you’re digital devices, hopefully the newly pristine environment will inspire you to keep it that way with a regular weekly or monthly maintenance routine. Yes, I can dream!

Sandra Orchard writes fast-paced, keep-you-guessing whodunits with a dash of sweet romance. Her award-winning novels include her Serena Jones Mysteries and Port Aster Secrets series from Revell Publishing, as well as numerous Love Inspired Suspense and cozies with Annie’s Fiction. Visit Sandra at, and


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