Divine Appointments

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Grace Foxby Grace Fox

Traveling extensively for speaking engagements and missions trips has proven to be an adventure in divine appointments. It happened again on a recent flight from Vancouver, British Columbia to China.

“So, what do you do for a living?” asked the man seated beside me.

“I write books that promote women’s spiritual well-being,” I said. “I also co-direct a non-profit that works among diverse groups such as teens infected with HIV in Romania, trafficked women in Thailand, and people with physical challenges in Nepal.”

“Wow—you lead a meaningful life,” he said. Then he turned and gazed out the window.

I whispered a prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to direct the conversation. And He did.

“What brings meaning to your life?” I asked.

The man was quiet for a few moments. “I thought it would be money, so I worked hard to make my business succeed,” he said. “I was wrong. I had a complete breakdown instead.”

He continued with his story, and his account provided a perfect lead-in for me to introduce Jesus as the One who brings meaning to life.

Our conversation didn’t result in the man’s placing his faith in Christ, but it prompted numerous questions on his part. I believe this divine appointment was simply a link in a chain that, hopefully, will draw him to Jesus.

Perhaps you travel for work or ministry as I do. Perhaps you don’t. Either way, people searching for meaning to life surround us. Let’s keep our ears and eyes open for them, and let’s make ourselves available when God brings them across our path.

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