Do Good Friday

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do goodby Darlene Stern

A decade after the flood of Hurricane Katrina, out of the New Orleans area comes a new tide aspiring to wash over the entire nation and out into the world. Mike Phillips, founder of a Louisiana high tech company, was challenged in his faith to be transformed from a lukewarm Christian to one ‘all in’ for Christ. He found that he’d been trusting in the Lord for his provision, rather than trusting Him as his provider, and had neglected to serve others just as Christ had served him.

Mike’s ‘all in’ commitment led him to resign from his company, cash in his stock and start a grassroots movement that summons us to demonstrate the love of Christ to others. He is hoping to provoke believers in Jesus to fully walk with Christ by finding someone to love and to serve, even if just once. But, he acknowledges, serving can become a habit that changes you forever.

Commenting on the concept, Mike said, “When you’re fully committed to Jesus Christ, He changes your heart and you can’t help but love others. It becomes your purpose, what you’re about.” He also commented, “As you pursue serving others, your view of Christianity will change; you won’t agree with other Christians about everything, but you will be held together with them by a common set of values with a single purpose – to show the love of Christ. When Christians serve, they become difference makers for God.”

When Christians mobilize to show the love of Christ to others through their acts of love, kindness and service, they demonstrate their level of commitment to their Lord; they become known more about what they are for as Christians than what they are against. And what better day of the year to validate that commitment than on Good Friday, the day when Jesus Christ illustrated the ultimate example of love as He gave His life for our benefit? He died to serve us. “Do Good Friday” is throwing down the gauntlet to Christians far and wide:  are you ‘all in’, willing to convey to your sphere of influence by your actions that you truly serve the Savior who served you?

Those interested in learning more about this movement can check out the website at:  or the event site at:    Feel free to share your good via social networks, videos or mobile apps through the event site.


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