Dolls May Change The Way Your Daughter Connects

0 comments Posted on September 25, 2012

Do you remember Holly Hobby? Imagine our girls taking one of those old, prairie dolls to a sleep over! You might as well paint a big fat “L” on her forehead. Today’s dolls are much more … sexy!

There’s Barbie who retains the title of most-physically impossible physique after fifty years. If she were an actual woman, her breasts would be so heavy she’d be forced to walk on all fours! (I’m not kidding!) There’s the Bratz dolls, with their street-smart sexy edge, complete with smoky eyes, fish-net stalkings and pouty lips! Bratz was the first doll line to actually give Barbie a run for her money.

When our daughters play with cute, non-sexual dolls, they tend to let imaginative play loose and they connect with their playmates and adults around them. They role-play and create. But when our daughter’s play with dolls that have a more seductive or beauty-based nature, they tend to be more confined in their imaginative play. Their play generally leans towards: “seduce the boy” and it is something they tend to play alone. It puts her on a conveyor belt to early sexualization.

Action Point: What kind of dolls does your daughter have to play with? Do you they offer her creative imagination and age-appropriate ideas for play? Do they invite her into relationship with playmates and parents? Or are they pushing her to isolate and grow up too quickly?


Dannah Gresh is the best-selling author of Six Ways To Keep The Little In Your Girl and Six Ways To Keep The Good In Your Boy (Harvest House). Both books provide practical advice on how to become a connecting mom in an effort guide your children from their tweens to their teens with a value system that reflects God.


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