Don’t Panic!: The Book and the Life!

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Maureen Prattby Maureen Pratt

Today’s world can be a frightening place in which to try to live a good life. Whether from external influences—natural disasters, civil unrest, community stresses—or internal problems or health challenges, it is easy at times to feel very anxious and, perhaps, panic. This is no reflection on our earnest attempt to live a Christ-centered life. Rather, it is a manifestation of exactly what it means to be human in a very flawed world. Fear, angst, emotional turmoil—these do sometimes bubble up in us no matter how closely we strive to walk with our Lord. But, in spite of our oh-so-human nature, there are things we can do physically, emotionally, and spiritually to take deep breaths, strengthen our spirit, and, yes, turn from panic to positive action and deeper faith.  This is precisely why I wrote my new book, Don’t Panic!: How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough.

Often, when crises occur and we feel ourselves moved this way and that by the powerful surges of events and emotions, we lose sight of the ways that God has prepared us for just such events. We pray, but we might not be still enough to listen to God’s replies and feel His comfort. We read Scripture, but we might not truly focus on the words or take them deep into our crises-ridden hearts. And we might even feel that “there’s nothing we can do,” and take on the cloak of victim, which can certainly move us even farther from God’s steadying embrace.

Don't PanicI do understand the tough times we can face in life. I’ve lived through multiple tornadoes, a major earthquake, and other natural disasters. I’ve been surrounded by civil unrest in my very community. And I’ve faced significant and life-threatening health issues. As horrible as many of these experiences have been, I have also found much grace and light shining through them and the people surrounding me.  These blessings have flowed through even the most stressful times, a testament to how God will steer us if we keep our focus on Him and understand our place in the events that might buffet us.

In Don’t Panic!…, I talk about some of the crises I have faced and how they refined me in the proverbial fire. I introduce readers to other ordinary people faced with extraordinary and very difficult situations and how they, too, have felt God’s help and comfort guide them at just the right time toward a positive outcome. Through solid research into the latest in medical understanding of stress and stress relief, I offer ways to cultivate physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience, deepen prayer, and build courage so that we are prepared for these positive gifts of grace when crises occur.

Is it possible to not panic when crises occur?


Don’t Panic!: How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough will provide you with concrete, faith-based encouragement no matter how difficult your current (or next) crisis might be.


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