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by Angela Breidenbach

That dream! That one dream-in-waiting that felt impossible. Mine is a Celtic lap harp.

The harp sings to me in mesmerizing notes. I love the honey tones, the calm, the beauty of the instrument. But I’d never own one. So, it became the one dream just out of reach.

In the last few years, several luthiers (harp builders) experimented with making harps small enough to take on planes, lighter weight, and less expensive. Through research and a lot of planning, I found the harp of my dream-in-waiting. It’s being built right now at Music Makers. The company is so amazing that Jacob sends me update photos of the creation process. She’s becoming a part of me before I’ve plucked a string! I’ve been sharing on social media so everyone can enjoy the process, too.

With the latest photos, my harp became a “she” to me. And, I decided to create a naming contest for this lovely Vivid Color Sonnet Lap Harp. A very spur of the moment decision totally based in joyful anticipation. I posted the idea of a naming contest on social media, but realized I needed a prize for the winner and a way to manage the contest.

Here it is: The winner will get a paperback copy of my latest historical romance, The Mail-Order Standoff. No strings attached. Just comment on my blog post (https://angelabreidenbach.com/category/a-muse-ings/) with a name you think fits this pretty instrument and be the one chosen. I’ll post an unboxing video on my blog when she arrives so everyone can see the finished harp in all her glory. She’ll have 29 strings, full levers so each string can move a half-step, as well as a gorgeous mother-of-pearl rose inlay.

One bonus: If you follow me on Bookbub, you will get a second free entry. Please do mention your Bookbub follow with your name idea for the pretty harp so I can follow you back and add your second entry. Here’s my Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/angela-breidenbach

Next comes learning to play a lovely Celtic travel harp! Oh yes, that dream!

Do you have a dream-in-waiting?

Angela Breidenbach is a screenwriter, broadcaster, professional genealogist, bestselling author, and president of the Christian Authors Network. She was recently awarded Outstanding Broadcasting from the Daughters of the American Revolution for her documentary, Daughters of the American Revolution: A Patriotic Education. Bookbub/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @AngBreidenbach. http://AngelaBreidenbach.com



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