Eight Transforming Truths that Can Change Your Life

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Karol LaddCould you use a slight attitude adjuster in your life right now? Unexpected challenges, annoying people or frustrating circumstances can often get the best of us, yet happiness is not defined by the pitfalls we avoid. Quite the contrary, it is often in the midst of difficulties that we find our greatest strengths and joys. The positive people I’ve met are the ones who take their blunders and challenges and turn them into stepping stones for growth, change and maturity. They choose to become better people and help others in the process as they work through glitches and jump over hurdles.

What is their secret to finding the up side of their down circumstances? Consider the following eight positive life principles to help you adjust your outlook and discover a refreshing new perspective on your challenges.

Principle One: Keep your thinking right. Only dwell on what is true, noble and right. Don’t allow assumptions and negative self-talk to dominate your thoughts.

Principle Two: Keep your focus on the hope that God can bring. Don’t allow despair or discouragement to get its foot in the door.

Principle Three: Keep running the race God has set before you. Use the unique gifts He has given you and guard against comparisons.

Principle Four: Keep your criticism in check. Be an encourager, not a discourager. Speak life-giving words of strength into other people’s hearts.

Principle Five: Keep a courageous spirit. Fight against worry and fears by casting your cares on the Lord and recognizing His presence in your life.

Principle Six: Keep reaching out to others. Step out of your comfort zone and actively look for opportunities to bless and love the people around you.

Principle Seven: Keep moving forward in wisdom. Guard against knee-jerk reactions. Respond prayerfully and carefully as you make decisions and face obstacles.

Principle Eight: Keep believing big. Trust our great God to do great things. Remember He is able do more than you ask or imagine.

As you apply these principles to your daily life, begin with a heart of surrender saying, “Not my will, but Thine.” Always remember, the deepest tragedy in all history became the greatest victory, as Christ faced the cross, enduring the shame in order to redeem His people. Hope springs eternal as we keep our eyes on Him.

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Positive Life Principles for Women


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