Exercise Your Imagination

0 comments Posted on July 16, 2018

by Susan Mathis

When I’m with my granddaughters, one of our favorite things to do is to go to a playground. Their imagination goes wild! Swings let them fly like birds. Slides let them soar like a dolphin in the blue ocean. Monkey bars let them be monkeys swinging in trees. Rings and balance beams let them be acrobats in the circus. It’s great to watch them have fun, use their amazing imaginations, and be creative in their play.

I’m tired but happy. I’m satisfied and energized. I’m content.

Whether you’re a four year old on the playground, a 14 year old in English class, a 40-year-old beginning writer, or an 84-year-old seasoned author—allowing the imagination to play and creativity to grow will open your world to an exciting new life. And even if you’re not a writer, creating a new recipe or building a new wood project can give you that creative excitement and play.

So no matter where you are in life, go and play in the playground of creativity. Let your imagination soar and let inspiration and creativity flourish. Make time for it. Develop the skills to grow in your creativity. Let the childish play begin, and see what God might do.

Susan Mathis is the author of The Fabric of Hope: An Irish Family Legacy and four other books. She is the vice president of Christian Authors Network and the Founding Editor of Thriving Family magazine and former editor of 12 Focus on the Family publications. She has written hundreds of articles and now serves as a writer, writing coach and consultant. For more, visit www.SusanGMathis.com.


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