Feeling Lost in a Crowd?

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Christine Lindsayby Christine Lindsay

Coincidences? Are we merely insignificant specks on this vast planet, just one tiny face staring upward from a massive crowd?

This past summer I was working hard, writing a study guide and preparing a talk for a women’s event, on how God uses the tough times of our life to develop His workmanship of us. As I was writing the study guide—based on my heartache and triumph as a birth-mom (a woman who gave up her child for adoption and was reunited 20 years later)—I also experienced one lousy summer. You name it; health issues, financial concerns, nearby forest fires, etc.  I can hear your sigh. You know exactly what I mean.

An unusual confidence filled me, though, that God was providentially letting me go through this tough summer to help me accurately write what He wanted me to share.

Sofie's BridgeThen, just as I was writing the last segment to the guide, my birth-daughter Sarah, who I share a wonderful relationship with now, told me that her adopted twin brothers recently met their birth-mom too. All these past 35+ years I’ve known that Sarah’s brothers were adopted, and occasionally I wondered about this other birth-mom who shares so much in common with me. Our respective children are siblings!

Not only did my heavenly Father allow me to go through a tough summer to show the integrity of my topic, but now He was giving me the happy ending that I needed for the ladies’ event. A fluke? A fortuitous accident of fate?

A few weeks later I met the birth-mom of my daughter Sarah’s twin brothers. My dear counter-part and I hugged so tightly, so easily. Who else can understand the yearnings we still have for the children we gave up? Who else can savor that through our loss, our babies were blessed with a wonderful childhood as they were raised in the same delightful house, by the same dear adoptive parents that we both chose from portfolios so many years ago?

And how amazed we were to realize that not only had we been living in the same town for many years, even though our children were raised in a distant city, my counter-part had heard me at the church where I shared my birth-mother experience for the very first time 17 years ago.

I marvel: How often had I been praying for Sarah and her brothers as I lived my life with my family, and she was imagining and praying for her twin boys and their sister? A mere happenstance in the vast cosmos of space and time?

But why was the knowledge of this dear other birth-mom hidden from all of us until I was in the middle of writing the last segment of my study guide? Why such inexplicable but thrilling timing?

Is this little serendipitous quirk on the timeline of two women something that God wants to use to encourage even one other woman, that we—YOU—are not a tiny face in a massive crowd gazing upward? Your Father paints coincidences into your life.

Readers describe Christine Lindsay’s fiction and non-fiction as realistic yet larger than life, with detail that collides into the heart of psychological and relationship drama. Christine’s books have garnered: The ACFW Genesis, The Grace Award, Canada’s The Word Guild Award (twice), been a finalist for the Selah, and for Readers’ Favorite (twice). Christine’s latest, Sofi’s Bridge, won the 2017 Readers’ Choice. http://christinelindsay.org/


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