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Flowerby Christine Lindsay

As the snow flies each winter, I keep an eagle eye on my garden, looking for that first bright yellow sign of spring—the forsythia bush. One of my favorite gardening tips—when the forsythia blooms, it’s time to prune the roses.

As an author, I pour so much of myself into my writing that when my soul needs refreshment and rest I turn to my garden. That’s where the Lord meets me so often.

As a very busy woman—like most of us are these days—I find it hard to squeeze in quality time with loved ones, especially my heavenly Father. Yet time in His presence is what I need most. A number of years ago I discovered prayer walks. At first I thought it a little disrespectful. Shouldn’t I have my devotions in a quiet room with my Bible propped open on my lap? Or better yet, me on my knees in my bedroom? Wasn’t that the proper way to show love for my Lord and Master?

Funny thing is though, whenever I’m digging in my garden just for the fun of it, I often hear His voice.  Physical exercise relaxes me, and I’m open to God then for spiritual renewal.

So I took a chance in my Christian experience—I put prayer walking into my devotional time. I read the scriptures often dressed in my runners and walking clothes, and then head out the door. Whatever the season—but right now in the springtime—my heart rejoices as soon as my shoes hit the ground and as I look around at the gorgeous landscape the Lord painted. The exercise doesn’t quell my prayers, but inspires thanksgiving and praise, and opens me up to just listen to God.

Reminds me a bit of that special time Adam and Eve spent in the garden each evening with the Lord, simply—but with focus—enjoying His presence.

Irish-born Christine Lindsay is Vice President of Christian Authors’ Network, and writes award-winning historical novels that show the Heavenly Father’s redemptive love throughout stories of danger, suspense, adventure, and romance. The Pacific coast of Canada, 200 miles north of Seattle, is Christine’s home. Connect with Christine on her website on  Twitter or Pinterest

Christine Lindsay


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